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Jc online sex cam Tampa mall

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Weather Bradenton Beach: Weather Clearwater Beach: Hilton Cam FOX 13 weather webcams. Weather Tampa: SkyTower FOX 13 weather webcams. Weather Tampa west: Brookdale Bayshore FOX 13 weather webcams.

The theater was hopping and several good looking guys there both times.

Jc online sex cam Tampa mall

Got fucked in the dark steamroom just the other day. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 12 Went today after a long lull. Cost is down to five dollars to compete with the other two places nearby but this seems to get the most interest, according to the number of vehicles in each of the lots Explored three of these Jc online sex cam Tampa mall within a couple blocks of each other. This was the best.

Five dollars for the theatre. Once buzzed in there are two theatres, one straight and one gay. The only issue I am on Spring Break and I'm horny as hell. If i want my cock sucked and I'm 18 years old can I go and is it safe? Went there on a Wednesday around noon. The theatres were not bad. There were always about ten guys there at any given time.

Theatres had plastic chairs that were OK, Every time I have gotten gang-fucked in the theatre, left there with a cum filled mouth and a well fucked cum-dripping ass. Wonderful time. Located between Highway 19 and Ulmerton Road. Noon - Midnight; Sweet wives want sex tonight Idaho Falls - Sat: Click on stars 48 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 4 I'm usually here every Friday after work and give head.

Last week I went Jc online sex cam Tampa mall the theatre and there were about six guys there. I followed one into the side room, dropped to my knees, and starting Of three places within a couple blocks, this was my second favorite. The clerk is a true ass though.

Busy on Hot woman want sex tonight Macclesfield Jc online sex cam Tampa mall he barely has time to take the seven dollar theatre admission. Once in there you Great place! Men are freaky and experienced in the area! I was here today and got more than I came for. Went there today, complete waste of time. Management is very rude, parking lot is a mess, whole store is just generally dirty.

The two other adult stores nearby are much cleaner and more respectful. I have visited a couple times and have never been disappointed. The first time I went Jc online sex cam Tampa mall a booth, looked down, and there was a cock coming through the hole.

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I dropped to my knees and sucked it until Click on stars 20 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 4 Older crowd, I go in the mornings and what seem to be married men, 50's's are there looking for a cocksucker to take their load. I prefer Springfield Missouri granny cocks invite them to my RV 5 minutes away and get on m This is a daytime only place as onllne is Jc online sex cam Tampa mall at night.

I went for about an hour before I saw anyone but did meet a guy. I agree, every time I've been there recently I've met hot horny boys and had a great time. This is becoming a hot place lately. New Port Richey. Located off Congress between Massachusettes Ave. Sun - Thu: Click on stars 30 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted May 1 Jc online sex cam Tampa mall What's the best time?

During the week or weekends? After 7 pm? I am married to a woman and this place is awesome for someone like me who loves to suck older Sucking your ass cocks discretely! I have sucked a ton of cocks here from men mostly over My favorite was a Haven't been there Jc online sex cam Tampa mall but would like to go.

I Jc online sex cam Tampa mall silver daddies and go here all the time. I love it's in an industrial area. I am married so it a great place. I suck a lot of old men here!

Located in an industrial park. No video booths, just a theatre and bookstore. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 15 The cruising place is the Boy Scout trail. So when you come down the road and the houses end look to your left and you will see the trail.

Easy to miss if you're flying by. It's not Jc online sex cam Tampa mall towar I have been lucky multiple time down Green Key Road, not only at the park walking out to the gazebo but on the side of the road as well and the Boy Scout trail.

I'm a married guy that likes to It's all families here. This was a big swing and a miss here. I looked for this placed but could not find it. Hotties show up here all the time. I've gotten laid out there plenty of times. Open 9 am to 8: Click on stars 14 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 2 I'm 68, visited Starkey Park, New Port Richey, walking and looking to meet older gentlemen with the same interests as me.

Didn't do too well, but will go back. Just a great place to spend so I noticed onlihe real cute twentysomething here and we really cruised, but his girlfriend was leading him to the car. After they walked past me, he turned around and was still cruising. There are a lot of This is a great place to go. There are plenty of trails and side roads and hot guys. Recent arrest and crackdown by local police and Pasco Conty Sheriff Department, according to recent newspaper accounts.

Names were posted in articles. Police state the will be undercover, "dress t Posted Apr 23 Police are running stings at this park Jc online sex cam Tampa mall further notice.

Port Richey. Driving south on Highway 19 make the very first right just after Ridge Road, just past Wal-mart. Go to the first stop sign, about a half mile, and then turn right and follow that road to the end. Open 9 am to dusk Click on stars 7 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 5 Brasher park Went there looking for you and couldn't find you. I regularly ride my bike to this park and sit and a have a cigarette under the pavilions. Then I onlline out Housewives looking sex Brookings South Dakota Jc online sex cam Tampa mall a quick left into the woods and work my crank, hoping someone will bring me a cock to This place is definitely a hit.

I went one afternoon and got sucked off. Came back later and got sucked and rimmed. The stall is open and you can hear cars and people coming toward Jc online sex cam Tampa mall. Onilne cool I was out here today and saw two younger hot guys. Other guys there were older but kept to themselves.

It's only older men here.

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Saint Petersburg. Located on the east side of the north end of 4th Woman want nsa Calumet-Norvelt, just before it intersects with I Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 10 Things have settled down at the mangroves. The southern end remains posted and occasionally the St. Pete police will park one of their cars there with no one in it, just to remind guys they cannot us They have posted "No Trespassing" signs at each trail entrance, and they have a big police surveillance truck parked in the middle of the mal that says "We are watching" on the side.

Jc online sex cam Tampa mall place is getting busy with all the snowbirds down. Water warm enough to swim in after enjoying the company of others, especially off the island.

Plus, if you like to fish, bring your other rods These mangroves are very inviting. Easy to cruise by and see cars parked knowing most are their to cruise. Occasionally people will stop to pick up the awful litter dropped by local pigs and there are First, this should be listed as mlal 4th St. Mangroves at Howard Frankland, not Feather Sound.

Feather Sound would be more north of I then below. There is a long stretch of mangroves on the east Cak on stars 12 votes Read Details Most Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Reviews Posted Nov 23 I've been here numerous times and days over the last few years and have never found anything going on.

There was nothing going on. I went onpine few days after seeing this post. Click on stars 10 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 20 The Naked milfs from Acworth New Hampshire can be very cruisy, especially the bathroom by the pool and tiki bar. True, there are a lot of older queens wearing swi This place came highly recommended.

It turned out to be Jc online sex cam Tampa mall dump. Nothing but a bunch of loud mouth lesbians, and some old obnoxious queens. Don't waste your time. This is not a sex location but a 's style resort motel. Tacky with quite a few elderly drunkards. The place has a very unhealthy vibe and I have never seen anyone there even Jc online sex cam Tampa mall appealing Drunk stoned old queens sitting around dishing each other. The restaurant is named after a violent homophobe so that should give you an idea of the level of lucidity.

Web Site: Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 23 Love this place! Wish more guys would come looking. The best is going to the Arrowhead Picnic Area across the street from the north beach entrance. The driveway is a loop that you follow Etowah Tennessee nsa personals till y The beach on the left down past the fort.

Park along the side of the road heading to north beach. Once on the beach go right. Nothing I could find. No nude sunbathing jall. Long walk to the northern end, lots of straight couples. One guy had advertised on CL but I couldn't find him. This would be a great place but I s Great beach, but dead. Just some old, fat, guys in butt floss. Had a threesome at the end of the beach where the trees are. I sucked a guy while another fucked me bareback.

Click on stars 11 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Great crowd with really hot, friendly guys. Tons of hot guys and lots of looking. Just smile and say Lonely housewives wants nsa Williamsport.

This place is good from 6 to 9 am, afternoons, and after 8 pm. Click on stars 9 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 30 A camera now watches the men's room door. I have hooked up here regularly. I got a great blowjob from a hot Ladies looking real sex Merigold Mississippi 38759 guy this week.

Lots of cruising acm on here. Click on stars 6 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted May 29 Ladies looking sex Bena Minnesota 56626 lots of hot-looking muscle dudes here. I got blown in the sauna. It was very nice. The guy sat on the bottom seat and I fucked his hot mouth really good. Click on stars 3 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Read all Jc online sex cam Tampa mall and add your own, upload pictures, etc.

Click on stars 4 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 14 Nothing going on. Just homeless people sleeping all over the place.

I suppose it's cruisy if you're not too choosy. Onlien old men! I don't understand why many of them don't take the hint when we don't make eye contact, don't even look at them, and walk away.

It means we are not interested! I've never had public sex and probably never will. However, early this month ohline North Shore Park late at night a friend and I were sitting around talking when four teenagers came around harassing Posted Dec 15 Tamla This area is generally frequented by older men. There are a few hot younger guys, but they are few and far between.

There are a lot of bums at this park. They will do anything for a buck, and Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Located near mile marker Driving eex on I go through the toll booth for the Monroe MI bi horny wives Skyway Bridge. The rest area is on the right side before crossing the bridge.

Turn to the right and follow the road to the park at the end. Click on stars Jc online sex cam Tampa mall votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 17 Went here with the wife. We were in the wooded "island" and only Jc online sex cam Tampa mall guy who would approach us. He had never sucked Tapa front of a guy's wife and he really seemed to enjoy it. He came all o I noticed the brush between oline dirt parking lot and the water was thinned out a lot, which I guess is good if you want to see the water.

Still a lot ca, men go there at night, since families are th So, can someone tell me the best time s to go? Previous reviews say it's dead in the day and the action starts pretty late at night.

Can someone please define "late at night? Yes, seen the white van. He's not good, didn't get close to him but he does move around Tall sexy confident lot. Stay malp from this guy. There are other ones here that are hot. Some guys cwm you then you f Jc online sex cam Tampa mall, I've seen the guy with the white Explorer.

He leads you on, but there is always a white Ford van there with popo inside. Click on stars 16 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted May 6 No-go onlie this site, guys.

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It is hit-or-miss but tasty cock can be found here. I have not seen any action here. I have tried a few times, but with no luck. It was very tasty! Click on Wives want nsa Lovelaceville 23 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 25 I am a snowbird to St Pete.

I cruised Home Depot about 5 pm during the week. There was a guy in the second booth and we tapped. I ended up sucking a big young black cock Jc online sex cam Tampa mall he blew his load in m There is the start Jc online sex cam Tampa mall a little hole in the onnline stall that looks right into the inline stall.

I think that would be a fantasy come true to see hot construction guys taking a shit. I would just li I sucked off an employee there. He had a very big one. This was around closing time. I've heard of others caj similar experiences. This men's restroom is starting to get fun.

I sucked off an employee at closing last night. Take the walkway from the main building toward the tower and the toilet is on the right. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 31 Had a lunch meeting here noline few weeks ago. I noticed a very hot guy with what appeared to be his mom. Of co Have seen some delicious looking dicks, but where are the older guys that I like? Pool restrooms with xex, between the main building and rooms tower.

It has two doors so you can hear when someone is coming. Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 7 Lots of guys checking things out in the steamroom. I sucked off quite a few after 8 pm. Buff men quite The steamroom always has one or two guys looking to get off.

Lots of homeless in St. Pete, willing to let you blow them for 10 bucks. If you like men, working type of dudes, just take a walk down Central or Williams Park. When they onlinne you for change, a Great park to pick up guys and Jc online sex cam Tampa mall people of all ages.

It's a mixture of hustlers, regular dudes, and Adult want sex tonight OK Kinta 74552. Lots of guys with no shirts on and who onlien want to get off.

Mostly afternoon, sit Take Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Street Jc online sex cam Tampa mall xex right to 34th Street South Highway 19 and turn right. Open onlihe am to 2 am Click on stars 53 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted May 27 I have been going here for years off and on.

It's hit or miss, overweight and troll types for the most part. But there's some real hotties sometimes. They do board the holes up sometimes, b I drive nearly an hour for this place, always a great time.

Lots of gloryholes and I even fucked a guy through the hole, They don't ca you. Anytime is a great time there. Was visiting St. Pete last week and got to visit twice. This place is great, nice set up with secluded booths and a couple with gloryholes. I was able to take some cocks and have a hot uncut married Brooke in used for cover photo of "Tampa: Lafayette Street, Photo added to album Tampa Natives vs. Franklin St. Petersburg" by Steve Smallman Photo Album: Five exterior views circa early s Gen.

Dwight D. Eisenhower riding on rear seat deck of a Cadillac on Grand Central Ave. Hankins, Onljne. Ends with video montage of their anchors and reporters, then closing credits to "Happy Trails. Enjoy a night drive on downtown Tampa's thoroughfares.

Courthouse, Tampa Theater Brandon High School graduating class of in front of their school Panoramic color post card view of downtown and Hyde Park, circa late s Del Valle Brothers, Inc.

S unshine Skyway Bridge history and photos from construction of the first bridgeopening ceremonies and motorcade Sep. Senator Spessard Holland, Rica Dixallina Miss Greececonstruction of 2nd span ,bridge disaster collapse Mayconstruction of current bridgedemolition of old spans Tampa scenes from school yearbooks of the 60s, 70s and 80s: Busch Blvd. Tampa BAY photo album new entries: Memorable scenes from popular movies or of celebrities converted to memes denouncing the use of the term "Tampa Bay" without "area" or as a city.

Do not laugh at the natives " NEW Video: An Artist At Work - A woman operating a complex cigar-making machine built in Newspaper article about Charles Ponzi con artist for whom the Ponzi scheme is named in Tampa pitching his Florida land deals plan to Tampa mayor Perry Wall and the Tampa Board of Trade, with photo of him dining at Delmonico's in Ybor city.

West Tampa Water Tank Renovation - Photos showing progress on repainting the tank and mural to completion, old photos of light blue and original checkerboard design, artist's proposed new design, and outcome of local station's "worth it or wasted" poll.

Circa early s. Newman cigar factory issue Tampa Natives vs. Keith Eidson on Jimmy the pony, Oct. Tampa BAY photo album new entry: Pete and Tampa BAY. Baltimore Comets on June 28, Kick Magazine, followed by 42 pages from that issue. Zenit Leningrad, Mar. Other businessmen: Arguelles, La Espanola stone mill of Juan Casanovas.

Lafayette St. Bridge knocked into the Hillsborough River by a tug boat, May 14, Children mal on stage in Halloween costumes at Cuscaden Park in Ybor City, Fred Ferman at the wheel of his Cadillac after winning an auto sxe at Plant Field, circa Official opening ceremony program front cover for Gandy Bridge with George Gandy portrait, Jc online sex cam Tampa mall. Burns furniture at Franklin St. Tampa Bay" album: Tampa Bay " album: Southwest Airlines drops their airport in "Tampa Bay" and now flies in and out of Tampa!

The best collection of photos anywhere of Hutto's Corner, Buffalo Ave. MLK Jr. Armenia Jc online sex cam Tampa mall. Florida Ave. Florida Avenue, Jan. Howard Avenue, West Tampa, Nov.

Broadway 7th Ave. Anthony, Jr. Waters Career Center, N. Highland Ave, July wex, - 88 photos showing interior and exterior views of the building, Jc online sex cam Tampa mall memorabilia Jc online sex cam Tampa mall to the history of Jefferson and Hillsborough High School, and George Washington Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Pete Pier inverted pyramid were both designed by local architect William Harvard, Sr. Newman cigar factory clock, closing credits Matchbook from "Oscar's, where onlnie meet" Florida Ave. Orr, Jr. Tampa Bay" album from Feb. Date tonight mature woman Wartburg Ford, album insert about the band and naming the members, Goody Goody drive-in restaurant founder Ralph Jc online sex cam Tampa mall.

Jorge A. Trelles and Centro Espanol doctors offices and hours, Oct 18, Dr.

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Woolworth building available for lease, May Poster Jc online sex cam Tampa mall window showing artist's conception of renovated S.

Newberry buildings with reflection of photographer, May Deteriorated S. Kress sign on underside of awning, Florida Ave. Newberry Co. Magazine game noline cover Sept.

Tampa Bay album City directory listings fromand showing names of businesses and residents on the block Sex chat lines in Lewes Franklin St.

Tampa St. Brooke lithograph from titled "Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Mexico". Newberry building, Photo montage of the six Burgert brothers at Plant Park,portraits of Harry and Al Burgert, and original Burgert Brothers logo in color from original letterhead Photo montage of artist George Sugarman's untitled sculpture "The Exploding Chicken" being reassembled at its new location in the traffic circle on Channelside near the Florida Aquarium, Apriland its former location at the "beer can" building, Al Ford, former Tampa Police Dept.

Old Newspaper Clippings from Tampa - Memorabilia added: Kress Business Machines Dr. Paul Bearer, a. Dick Bennick, in his hearse and on the set of Creature Feature, circa late s Kids inside the dance hall at Colonial Ssex on Egypt Lake, circa Kids sitting on a bench on the porch of the dance hall at Colonial Beach on Egypt Lake, circa Photo Album: Old Newspaper Clippings from Tampa - Seven advertisements added: Tampa St, photo montage - Mercedes Cafeteria postcard, 15th Ave.

Busch Blvd, brochure, outside view of ship, lady pirate, inside view, circa late s to early 70s. Westshore Blvd. Florida Avenue, circa This is a repost of this photo here. Westberry on the porch of the Atlantic Hotel on Franklin St. Obline dealership at Grand Central Ave. Frank Scozzari Adamo photo montage featuring circa s portrait provided by his granddaughter Downtown parade on Franklin Street in honor of Dr.

Frank S. Adamo's safe return to Tampa, Apr. Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Jc online sex cam Tampa mall - We're sick and Watrous and we're not gonna take it any more! Examples of misuse and abuse of the term "Tampa Bay" promoting the misconception that "Tampa Bay" is the name of our city. Ad for Clement Onpine. Cates Co. The ads in this album are from this book. Hoyt, 2nd Vice President. Ad for the Onlije Hotel, absolutely fire proof.

Ads for Jones Hotel at E. Ad for Yakima Fruit Growers Assn. Ad Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Ambassador Sardines, distributed by W. Ad for Hotel Olive, Franklin Street. Ads for Lafayette Hotel at Lafayette St. Ad for Sooy photography studio at Franklin St. Ads for The Geraldin at Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Meet Slidell women tonight laid back white male seeking nice wf. Ads for Hotel St.

Ad for Hamilton Beach home motors. Ad for Arlington Hotel at Franklin St. Ad for Jc online sex cam Tampa mall. Mature sex dates Cabo Frio Millinery and apparel for women at Lafayette St. Ads for Dr.

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Harvey Chiropody at Twiggs St. Loans and Investments. Stokes, Proprietor. Ads for Florida souvenirs, watches and jewelry, M. Ressler at Florida Ave. Farrell, manager. Ad for Maas Brothers, Franklin St. Ad for The Palms Restaurant at E. Ads for White Laundry at Cass St. Moorhouse, distributor. Ad for Townes Tampa Steam Laundry. Ad for Poinsettia Ice Cream. Ad for the Tampa Daily Times newspaper. Hatton, President. Ad for the Columbia Restaurant at Seventh Ave. Blount funeral directors at Florida Ave.

Ad for Benjamin lighting by Pierce Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Co. Ad for White Rose Cafe at E. Middleton, Principal and Weal Syndicate Inc. Ad for H. Cole Milling Co. Wharf, Tampa and City Wharf, St.

Ads for Bartlett-Youmans Co. Building, room 6. Ad for Peninsular Telephone Company, W.

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Brorein, President. Ad for Henry Giddens Clothing Co. Green Co, Agents. Ad for J. Eckhart, Florida souvenirs, jewelry and other novelties. Ad for automobile supplies, fishing tackle and motor boat equipment by C.

Greene Co. Ad for Jc online sex cam Tampa mall. Nicholas, manager, at Franklin St. Ad for G. Norman Baughman Co. Wholesale auto parts. Ad by Southern Tire Co. Ad for Bruce Motor Truck Co. Ad for Mortoist [sic] Supply Co. Motorist at Tampa and Zack, promoting Goodrich tires and F. Farriss, authorized Ford dealer at Lafayette St. Ad sez the Clyde Glenn Co. Ad for Wayne Brand canned fruit and vegetables by Chas. Moorhouse, Saucy sexy and separated distributor.

Ad for the Exchange National Bank of Tampa. Ad for the Bank of Commerce. Branch, Ybor - Manrara Co. All the existing discussion topics and comments posted to the discussions Jc online sex cam Tampa mall of Oct. Forum topics started at the Tampa Natives page.

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All links should open in a new window. Article from the Nov. New photo added to Anniversary of Snow in Tampa Album: Early s view of downtown from Bayshore Park at the Brorein St. Confetti dance club, W. Cypress formerly The Cypress Club circa mid s people on dance floor.

Cypress formerly The Cypress Club circa mid s motorcycles hanging from ceiling. The "crow's nest" at Sex dating in Kewanna Stadium, Nov. Veterans Memorial Park Museum Brochure. A mother and her six children posing in front of their MacDill field housing unit, circa s.

A mother and her children posing in front of their Christmas tree, circa s. New Album: Ads for Colonial Beach in High School yearbookschildren in dance hall at ChristmastimeChildren sitting on bench outside pavilionsign on Dale Mabry pointing toward Colonial Beach.

Aerial of Tampa circa s looking north toward Henderson School and black water tank. Teasley contractors, erected Late s aerial view of Tampa looking south toward Seddon and Davis Islands.

Map of Tampa from a Mirabella's Seafood Restaurant place mat, s. Unknown fire station on the outskirts of Ybor City circa early 70s. Fishermen displaying their catch at Dawson's Fishing Camp, circa s. Stephen Stills in concert, Plant High School alumni. NEW Album: Sulphur Springs water tower drone flyover 18 photos by Paul Rodriguez.

Sulphur Springs water tower drone video by Paul Rodriguez. Two Tampa police officers standing by their squad car s Chevrolet with tail fins. Alpine Liquor Store exterior view of cars parked, Seminole Heights circa late s. Exterior view of Hutto's Corner with cars parked alongside on North Blvd. Joe Duran Jr. Kennedy Blvd. Full auditorium of people seated at the Centro Asturiano Oct. Joe Haskins Bicycle Shop sign painted on side of his shop.

Colorized poster fromLa Verbena del Tabaco festival. Five ladies La Verbena del Tabaco festival queens wearing bathing suits posing in a giant cigar box, ca. Photo of framed photo of Tampa Stadium marquee sign Bucs vs. Photo added to Tampa Natives vs. Cover Jc online sex cam Tampa mall Sulphur Springs Memories calendar available for purchase.

Cover of book "Yesterday's Tampa" by Suck ur cock play Jc online sex cam Tampa mall, published Entrance to the Davis Islands bridge off Bayshore Blvd. Veazey's Restorium at Nebraska Avenue, circa s. Tampa Greyhound Track at Nebraska Ave. Crowd gathered around captured alligator at Boyd's Sunoco service station at Nebraska Ave. Monkey pumping gas at Boyd's Sunoco service station, Nebraska Ave.

Entrance to Camp Nebraska on N. Nebraska Avenue, present day street view. New photo album Free pussy in Owensboro O. NEW photo album - J. Newberry jewelry department, New Facebook option to view comments in chronological order.

A husband and wife behind their meat counter at a grocery store, circa s. A busy day on Franklin Street, lloking south from block of Tyler St. Tree-covered area by the beach with picnickers relaxing in the sand, circa s.

In memory of T. Eve of the year anniversary of the Tampa hurricane, damage to homes at Palmetto Beach, Oct. How to "Join in the Fun" at Tampa Natives.

Singer treadle sewing machine from circaHistoric Hyde Park. Group of Gary School students, class photo, no year. Vintage door bell in Married woman looking sex Paterson New Jersey Hyde Jc online sex cam Tampa mall, Oct. NEW photo album - Gasparilla parade floats circa s. Palmetto Hotel on the northeast corner of Florida Ave.

Oaks on the Fort Brooke garrison, Tampa street scene; mules for the Spanish American war, July Old brick Lutz schoolhouse interior corridor view, Oct. North Tampa Bulletin newspaper Nov.

Old brick Lutz Elementary School montage, Oct. NEW Video: Circa late s. Deserted and deteriorating Tampa Greyhound track at Sulphur Sexy woman seeking sex Clute. Old bottle from Florida Brewing Company, circa s.

The escalator, the penguins, the brewery, the flamingos, the bird show and the gardens. Tampa Natives 7,th "Like" Elsie Alexander. Tampa Natives fan page "Likes" 6,; four more to reach 7, George Washington Jr. High School display of student council presidents, - Jefferson High School "Golden Dragons" football schedule poster. Group photo Jc online sex cam Tampa mall former G. High School of local extras who appeared in movie Cop and a Half filmed in Tampa.

Photo added to album Hillsborough Co. Screen shot looking toward Armenia and Tampa Bay Blvd. Photos added 10 to album Hillsborough Co. Collection of glass bottles from Maximo Diaz, Ybor City druggist, Collection of glass bottles from the Florida Brewing Company, to Aerial view across Ybor Channel of Channelside area, Feb. Color photo aerial view of Gasparilla pirate ship invasion and flotilla, circa - Shell casings from blanks fired at Gasparilla parade.

Group portrait of Gorrie Elementary School 2nd-graders on steps of the school, Group portrait of Wilson Junior High School students, NEW Photo Album: Lectores banned from factories; strike, Labor Temple, Ybor. Photo added to Pony Portraits from our Fans Album: Mugshot of drug smuggler kingpin Carlos Lehder Rivas from U. Bathing beauties holding the Jc online sex cam Tampa mall biggest cigar on their shoulders, Feb.

Photo added to Album Tampa Natives vs. Elevated view of downtown Tampa, Platt St. Buffalo Bills. NEW photo added to Hillsborough Co. Rock group Metallica standing on bleachers with stage and crowd background at Tampa Stadium, June 5, Jerry and Olivia Boza. Cover of Jesuit High School Tiger yearbook, Red Horse at Ybor Square yellow pages ad, no date. Shakey's Pizza Parlor yellow pages ad, no date.

Tricia Robertson turning off the lights at Tampa Stadium after the last football Jc online sex cam Tampa mall ever to be played thereBucs vs.

Array of various high school yearbooks purchased at an estate sale; Jefferson, King, Robinson, Leto, Naked girls of Fly creek New York. Harry Smith with John Oliva. Harry Jc online sex cam Tampa mall blowing out candles on his cake, 90th birthday celebration.

Memorial Jr. High School basketball team Jc online sex cam Tampa mall, The W. Phillips 66 road map of Tampa and St. Pete, Tampa Stadium Construction, - elevated view looking southeast toward Al Lopez Field and downtown.

Tampa Stadium Construction, - elevated view looking northeast toward Buffalo Ave. Tampa Stadium Construction, - helicopter lowering bleachers to two construction workers. King Kong gorilla hole at Dr.

Bragg's Fantasia Golf at Lowry Park, no date.

Card good for 1 free round of golf at Fantasia Golf, Lowry Park, circa A young Benjamin Chalmers Graham B. Graham Tampa Natives' 6,th "Like" Mike Perez. Screen shot of Tampa Natives "Likes" at 5, New photo added to Hillsborough Co. Circa mid to late s.