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In May I received an email from the Hoaglund family asking me if I was interested in contributing to a research project conducted by the three girls listed below.

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As the father of a 6 year old daughter who loves distance running and competition in general I felt the acknowledgment of the problem discussed below is necessary. What these three girls have put together is extremely beneficial and eye-opening.

Below is the text of the study - published with permission of all involved. In the state of Alabama, the sport of cross country has increased in wwomen in Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 years. Due to the increased interest, a problem is noticed among female distance runners. The problem occurs ajature female runners experience a seemingly unexplainable decrease or plateau in performance time during different stages of their development.

This change in performance occurs inconsistently and is not always related to training factors. Female runners need to be aware that as amautre human body physically matures, many adolescent athletes note a decrease in performance. Research suggests a Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 in the progression of performance and physical fitness in the Lesbian Tulsa wanna play directly following puberty in both males and females.

This study is designed to determine the correlation between female and male distance runners from seventh through twelfth grades and the onset of Birmijgham.

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The study focuses on the plateau of performance rate in female runners compared to male runners, and Birmiingham puberty effects performance rate. In one cohort, the data of the top fifty male and female 5K times of seventh through twelfth grade Alabamians, in total, was entered into an SPSS statistical analysis program, and each grade's mean and the mean difference was calculated.

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Additionally, a cohort, forty-five elite female athletes were selected randomly in order to protect their identity, their personal records were entered into the program, and the mean and mean difference of their times were calculated. All data was collected from Alabama Milesplit. I began to run cross country in seventh grade. Over the first few weeks, I lost about ten pounds and shaved minutes off my amatjre mile time.

By the end of the season, my coach had invited me to run a few 5ks with the high school. Even though I was running quickly, my performances were inconsistent at best. However, I competed well for my age at the state meet.

Because of my success, I decided to run indoor and outdoor track. I loved the competition, success, and the company of the girls on my team. During the season, I lost another five pounds and ran faster than I had thought possible. Therefore, when the state competition for track arrived, my times decreased once more. That summer I cross trained until late July. Honestly, my eighth grade year was a blur. Although I was still under weight, my cross country times dropped by impressive increments.

Track season followed the same pattern and I gained my first state champion titles. However, over the summer instead of cross training, I ran in earnest for the first time. The extra training proved beneficial to my cross country times, but at a much slower rate of decrease.

I ended the season a little disheartened that I was unable to accomplish my desired time. However, track season quickly altered this mindset. Running faster Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 I ever had, I defended my state Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 with renewed enthusiasm. The subsequent summer I averaged forty miles a week until August.

Also, in one year I had gained close to twenty pounds and grown three inches. The first few cross country meets of my sophomore year, my performances were subpar, attributing the slower times to the fact that I had been sick the first few weeks. However, the times did not improve with my health. Although I was training harder than ever, each meet my performance deteriorated.

During the races, my heart rate would skyrocket in the first mile and I would be unable to catch my breath. To make matters worse, my legs felt like lead whenever I raced, and I was unable Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 fall into rhythm. First, I thought of every medical excuse possible for this degeneration, but Amature home swingers realized that there was not a simple solution to the issue.

I increased my mileage, decreased it, ate healthy, slept more, but none of these factors improved the times. Therefore, by the state meet of my sophomore year I was not expecting an impressive Goldsmith woman sex. Contrary to my belief, I ran and placed rather well which encouraged me to continue training.

During track season, I came close to replicating my times, but was not in prime condition. The following summer I peeked my training at fifty miles a week and added a significant amount of cross training.

My junior cross country season, I ran consistently and had a few impressive races. Hopefully, these performances are reflective of faster races in the years to come. However, I do not understand the reasons my performance level decreased from one year to the next which prompted me and my fellow researchers to conduct this study. Because of the inconsistencies in performance, female runners sometimes seek to improve their performance through weight loss or over training.

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These methods can cause lasting harm to the body. Even though the plateau in progression of performance rates is later in males, both genders experience this decrease in performance rate.

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This study specifically examines how a performance plateau may manifest in female endurance runners. The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a difference in progression of performance in male vs. This study will focus on the plateau in the progression of performance Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 of female cross country runners as compared to males.

In addition, the study seeks to determine the correlation between female and male distance runners from seventh through twelfth grades and the onset of puberty. According to George Patton and Russell Viner, "puberty is considered as an interconnected suite of changes with wide individual variations in the sequence and timing of its components" The onset of puberty causes many physiological changes in the human body.

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Because of the nature of these changes, physical performance after puberty in males may increase while physical performance of females may not increase at the Birmnigham rate. There is little research on when exactly the plateau in the progression of performance rate in distance runners occurs.

Therefore, this study seeks not only to Out of Brazil lookin for some fun the existence of a plateau in the progression of performance rate in female long distance runners, Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 to reasonably predict when it will occur in female Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 runners.

It is ad to determine patterns and jear in to be able to prepare runners for nearr possibility of physiological changes that could negatively affect their performance.

If a relationship between puberty and endurance running is established, the implications of this study may influence how female endurance runners train during prepubescent and pubescent years. The VO2max or the maximal oxygen consumption at any given time is considered to be the most important component of long distance or endurance exercise Thompson, Baxter-Jones When one's workload goes up so does one's oxygen consumption levels VO2.

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Then when one levels off their workload a plateau occurs causing a VO2max. However the more common way of measuring long distance training to exhaustion, is the peak VO2 which is the highest oxygen consumption elicited during this kind of exercise Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40, Baxter-Jones The absolute peak VO2 increases with age Birminbham both males and females. It seems, however, that especially after puberty the increase becomes smaller in females than in males.

Studies show that peak VO2 improves as children age because of the increase in body size and improved function in healthy children Thompson, Baxter-Jones Usually peak VO2 increases steadily throughout childhood and Single ladies Fiji want fuck in males, but studies suggest a steady decrease in females.

Studies also show that peak VO2 decreases with the gain of body fat.

During puberty, boys lose body fat and increase in lean muscle mass. Since girls naturally gain weight in puberty, the decrease in peak VO2 directly correlates to the pubertal growth in girls. Thompson, Baxter-Jones One study was conducted with males and females from ages seven to eighteen who anature in short distance sprints.

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Boys continue Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 increase in their performance rate for these short distance sprints throughout middle school and high school, but tend to reach a plateau at age fifteen around three years later than girls.

Before age thirteen girls have significant decreases in time. After thirteen, however, girls do not differ significantly from girls even two years younger than them, suggesting the presence of a plateau.

Then from ages seventeen to eighteen girls amatture began to decrease in running time after the plateau. If these trends hold true for children ages seven to eighteen during short distance sprints, the question then becomes whether or not the trends continue for long distance male and female runners of the same age. Woken research, however, suggests that some runners may experience a less severe plateau than others based on their predisposition to run and compete well in long distance races.

Elite female and male runners may have an easier time transitioning through puberty and therefore may experience a less dramatic plateau in performance Sports Day 4. Unfortunately in an attempt to control the negative effects Bisexual single women in Elizabeth New Jersey puberty on athletic performance, some female runners engage in behaviors that can cause permanent issues.

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During puberty, girls experience an increase in percentage Bormingham body fat. Serious effects of eating disorders include osteoporosis, muscle loss and weakness, and risk of heart failure nationaleatingdisorders.

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Added pressure of remaining thin to increase performance in a sport like cross country Birminghsm increases the risk of an eating disorder in teens nationaleatingdisorders. A poor performance or season slump can lead girls to blame their weight and body fat which is naturally gained through puberty.

The danger then becomes over training without the proper calorie intake for a growing body nationaleatingdisorders.

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The changes of puberty can be potentially dangerous to the female runner if the runner is not prepared. Is there a relationship between puberty and the performance rate of female cross country runners compared to males grades ?

When is a plateau in the performance rate most likely to occur in female cross country runners in grades seven to twelve? The runners themselves are not being studied only their performance times therefore assumptions must be made that the runners are following some sort of endurance training program. Performance rate is the increase or decrease in the 5K time of distance runners from year to year. Plateau of performance rate is referred to as a lack Adult wants real sex Loa increase in performance rate from year to year in 5K times of distance runners.

Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 the first data group, the top fifty male and female runners' 5K personal records Fat women amature womens and Birmingham near 40 examined from the years through grades seven through twelve. This resulted in a total number of runners. The individual cohorts were grouped and compared by gender, grade and year of competition in AHSAA sanctioned events. In the second data grouping, forty-five girls over the years who were ranked in the top 25 runners from the state of Alabama were randomly selected and their personal records for 5K from seventh to twelfth examined and compared to the rest of the data.