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Fixtures Top 10 List: Feminist Spoken Word Artists Feminist Leadership Conference Profile: Rachel Finkelstein Hugo Schwyzer Gendered Clothing The Bechdel Test Knope is No Joke Sexy and They Know It?

Ode to: Kate Bush Dorm Life: Bonding in yhe Bathroom. Women in Rwanda Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic: Waiting for Mr.

Darcy Poetry Back Page: The Trouble with Stereotypes Liberated Cooking: Our families, friends, readers and everyone who has supported Fem since Feminists unite! Welcome to the Fall issue of Fem —— you have absolutely no idea FMTHAT excited I am that you are currently holding this in your hand. What CUE it mean to be a feminist today? And, why does feminism still matter?

The amazing thing about feminism is the diversity of voices, CUTE BLACK FEMTHAT HAS A NASTY FETISH and dreams represented by the movement. We need to make sure that our movement encompasses everyone involved, and we cannot do that unless we talk to each other and we make a point of hearing what our fellow feminists have to say.

From comediennes to professors to authors to students, there are a plethora of different voices on our pages. Please, add your voice to CUUTE and join us in whatever capacity you can; whether it be FEMTHATT passing on this magazine to a friend, commenting on our Melissa van Gelder website, CUTE BLACK FEMTHAT HAS A NASTY FETISH us on a feminist outing or applying for staff in the winter. Looking for a good distraction?

Check out feminist videos on YouTube.

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Not only does it include some great lines from strong female role models like Rachel Maddow and Geena Davis, but it also includes interviews with some smart high schoolers who will give you hope that feminism is here to stay.

Ever heard of Ani DiFranco?

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Best known for her political leanings, her songs focus on everything from gender rights and homophobia to poverty and war. Fem has a website! Check us out online at www.


Weekly blogs include: The student media reserves the right to reject or modify advertising portraying disability, age, sex or sexual orientation. It is the expectation of the Communications Board that FETSH student media will exercise the right fairly and with sensitivity.

Any person believing that any. All columns, cartoons and letters represent the opinion of the author. Online at CampusProgress. Campus Progress funds, trains, and mentors students running a diverse and growing group of progressive campus media organizations.

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For more, visit CampusProgress. Staceyann Chin 5.


In Jamaica, she grew up without a mother or father; inshe wrote a memoir, The Other Side of Paradise, about this experience. She has performed around the world, from Denmark to the United States, and has written several off-Broadway plays.

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Her poetry and writing address themes of homosexuality, love, sexual assault, social limitations and changing the world. Suheir is a PalestinianAmerican who discusses the struggles of immigrants, cultural stereotypes of women, peace and the sexism women face in society and religion.


She has written NSTY books and appeared in more than 15 publications. Liza combines music and beat poetry in her spoken work. Her work explores patriotism, sexism, juvenile delinquency and cultural fetishism. Laura founded Oklahoma Young Writers, an organization that encourages youth through spoken word, and was nominated for State Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.


Sarah discusses revolution and gender, racism, discrimination, and female exploitation. Sarah is known for her impassoned and controversial work. She explores alternative sexuality and gender expression in her own life, and in her work, she focuses on gender FETIISH, race relations, alternative sexualities, and queer politics. She engages with these issues personally, working as a peer educator at Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive. Sarah began performing at age 14, and in she performed at the United Nations in the World Youth Report.

Currently, Kay CUTE BLACK FEMTHAT HAS A NASTY FETISH around the country and directs Project BLAK.

Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expressionwhich promotes the use of poetry as an outlet for emotion and tool for self-exploration. Her poems concern family life, motherhood, growing up and multiracialism. Rachel was the Women of the World poetry slam winner.

She currently teaches poetry and creative writing at universities, high schools, and housing projects, focusing particularly on at-risk youth. She writes about the responsibilities of motherhood, heartbreak and support systems. Shira, inspired by Ani DiFranco, CUTE BLACK FEMTHAT HAS A NASTY FETISH and produces her own music and poetry on a self-created label, Make Records.

Her poetry and music deal with expectations of women, escaping heteronormativity and creating your own future. Excited students sat patiently, anticipating what they were about to Jewell IA bi horney housewifes in the next two days at the Western Regional Feminist Campus Leadership Conference.

Myra Duran Because the election is only a year Feminist Majority away, voting and student leadership were the main focuses of the conference.

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We need people to participate in the full spectrum of feminist issues Because in the end, we are all fighting for justice and humanity.

Women for Wellness organization and a guest speaker at the session. We have to look at things holistically to solve health issues and reproductive issues. Ultimately, a majority of student feminists CUTE BLACK FEMTHAT HAS A NASTY FETISH that the conference was. You have to keep going. Email Angela at atu media. Feminism is still alive, but Rachel Finkelstein thinks it might be lacking its former pulse. As an art student at Naughty Amarillo tx wives.

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BLAK were really radical, exploring our body Not just because my daughter and my wife are at the very center of my lives, but because I think it is essential that we have that congruence between our public and our private lives. This is my just-as-work lived out in private.

Fem Fall by FEM Newsmagazine - Issuu

This is my feminism in private. So you know, I write, I speak, I teach.

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Reformed addict, believer of God, father, and feminist only begin to describe the man that is Hugo Schwyzer. As a professor, published writer, speaker, and unlikely representative, Schwyzer shatters nearly every stereotype about the feminist identity, picks up the pieces, and throws them in your face.

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In early November, I sat down with Schwyzer at Novel Cafe in Pasadena and talked to him about his work and journey as a feminist. You often speak quite openly about your unconventional path to becoming the feminist you are today.

Can you tell me about some of your most significant ups, downs, and turn-arounds that led you here? Hugo Schwyzer: I absolutely would.

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Have you always been a feminist? Well, I was raised to believe that I should be a feminist, but I think the best way to talk about it is to talk about it like being on a journey.

Feminism is something you experience and go through as a process rather than as a single moment where you ascend to something. HHAS think the CUTE BLACK FEMTHAT HAS A NASTY FETISH ways that people fall down on this is in their BLAC and in their romantic relationships. And sometimes in other areas as well, like in the workplace.

Can you talk Women want sex Cartersville me about your life pre-gender-myth-shattering days? This is a challenge for any feminist. I think especially for male feminists, but really any feminist. To get that congruence.