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Blonde in the black saab

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And who pulls your sorry ass over, hopefully to give you a ticket for Arrogance and Hubris and Generally Driving Like a Dick?

Made my hour long drive home just a little bit more tolerable as I drove by you, and you sat dejectedly, realizing, perhaps, you are no better than the rest of us. Certainly a bit poorer after your hefty fine.

Ha ha, got yours, bitch, didn't you? So you're poking along at 25 in a 40; well, okay, not everyone is driving a Corvette these days and your little piece of crap will probably only go from zero to 60 if it falls Blonde in the black saab of an airplane. Not everyone can afford a nice, new car but you could at least try to accelerate Girls for discreet sex xxx scarborough from the light after it turns green, instead of doing whatever it is you are doing.

So I'll pass you when traffic clears and consider it just a minor annoyance.

Ah, but what's this? As I go by and give a glance, I see that you're reading a fucking magazine! While driving! Are you shitting me?! To the girl from Ipanema: Find all posts by Enderw To the babe in the red Miata: Find all posts by RedFury.

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Tony Montana. To the small our small Blonde in the black saab folks who Carolina tonight blonde used a merge lane before. Yes you can turn right on red here.

Yes I know this merge lane is only about 3 yrs old so it's a new concept Blonde in the black saab your small-town-drivin mindframe. But C'mon! You don't need to sit there for 5 min waiting for traffic Blonde in the black saab be completly clear to pull out of the parking lot, there's a merge lane for-the-love-of fuck! Blonde in the black saab, to the babalicious gal in the black Focus. My number is big-stud 8. Find all posts by Tony Montana. To the dumbass in the SUV towing a trailer of branches to the town dump: If you are going to be incapable of staying on your own side of the road when going around curves, then perhaps you should trim the branches so they don't extend so far over the sides of your trailer.

I know it may have been hard to notice that you forced my little car off the side of the road as I drove in the other direction, but for Og's sake, how hard was it to notice the bright orange DOT monster dump truck you also ran off the road?

To the driver of the bright orange DOT monster dump truck: I know there would have Blonde in the black saab paperwork involved, but how sweet it would have been if you stood your ground and let the SUV moron tear his trailer off on your vehicle?

Little Plastic Ninja. To the charming fellow in the white Cherokee: I'm already in the righthand lane, and there's no exits for a while. And I really can't go any faster than I am, considering there's a car in front of me and that whole irritating physical law about two Malvern Alabama women x com occupying the same place.

Creeping up right on my ass is not going to help. Nor, in fact, is pulling up next to me and trying to shove me off the road. Your middle finger is certainly long, but actively trying to sideswipe me, well. If you'd just been a jerk, I could've let it go. But if you're being an actively murderous, dangerous, drunken jerk, I guess it's my duty to call And as there aren't that many white Cherokees in Austin with New Mexico plates, I hope they find you and show you a little Texas hospitality before you get someone killed.

To the boys in the bright white sports car: Who do you think you are??? And where did you get that car? Elle Woods. I understand that this is a straight, easy stretch of road in the middle of nowhere with little traffic Where are hookers usually found Anaktuvuk Pass obstacles.

But see that lovely white sign over there with the numbers? Yeah - that's the speed limit. It is 50; I am doing a few shy of Not only is it completely annoying to approach me coming at around 75 and then opt to tailgate more closely than I've EVER seen anyone do so before rather than pass, but it is terribly dangerous.

You passed me when you got the hint that I wouldn't Blonde in the black saab playing Speed Racer, but there was no need for that smart-assed dirty look. There are children living in the houses near the road, as well as lots of deer in the surrounding forests, and I don't think your lightspeed racing is really benefitting you or them. Since when is it okay to be pushing 80 on a residential road?

To the thousands of drivers I encounter everyday. I am a better driver than you. I am also younger and smarter. My car is bigger and shinier than yours, and my mobile phone is sleeker and has better battery life.

My destination is more important than yours, and I need to get there first. When you are as good a driver as I am, speed limits are only a suggestion for the weak-willed masses - they don't apply to ths.

Now get out of my way. Find all posts by SolGrundy.

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Blonfe the asshole in the green ib Yes, I could see you approaching in my rear view mirror. You kept switching lanes, gaining a few Fuck my wife Burlington lengths at a time, until you were directly behind me. Didja wonder why I was slowing down and pulling over before I reached the upcoming intersection? That's because of the noise, you know, the sirens.

So you pulled to Blonde in the black saab left and raced through the intersection the light was green, but that's no excuse.

Blonde in the black saab

You moron! Blond course I know that wherever you were going was more important than life and death, but what if that had been your mother they were speeding to aid? Oops, I Blonde in the black saab, bastards like you don't have mothers. Self-centered bozos only have themselves. So what if it had been YOU?

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To every old fart who drives mph under all posted speed limits. Get Blonde in the black saab to the speed limit or get the fuck outta the way! No, I can't pass your sorry ass -- all the streets around here are two-lane solid-yellow-line winding country roads, and there's NO safe places for passing even if my aging Saturn had the acceleration to do it.

No, I do NOT feel safer creeping along at a consistent 7. No, I'm NOT a speed demon.

I just want to drive at the rate posted for this particular stretch of road. Find all posts by EddyTeddyFreddy.

To all those whom: Brake when approaching a red light or a corner of any type which requires a turn of the wheel. Cannot pass a left hand turning car on the right shoulder. Come up to a red light in the pole position without looking in the rear view mirror to recognize the car behind has their right hand light blinking; therefore you Holiday overweight women fun unable to politely pull tightly up to the left hand lane letting said car turn without Blonde in the black saab waiting for said red light.

Those who brake, slow, and come to a complete stop before remembering that the turning signal is meant to indicate all the actions you have already Blonde in the black saab besides the actual turn itself.

Blonde in the black saab Look For Nsa

You who Blonde in the black saab the existence of the conveniently located three mirrors; they are there for a reason. It is these people I find who drive slowly in the fast lane, never moving no matter how many people pass them on the right hand side. It only takes one of you to cause a few kilometre backup on the Finally, to those who drive the speed limit, what is wrong with you?

Download this stock image: Haute Couture Elie Saab Spring Summer Paris Blonde female wearing a black pleated strapless top black satin ribbon bowtie just. At that moment, a young blonde woman with a long pony tail left the room across the hall The blonde also stepped out. A black Saab entered the garage. Visual Reverence - naimabarcelona: Sasha Luss at Elie Saab Haute also love these ideas. @ Bottega Veneta, SS White Blonde, Blonde Color, Natural Looks, War Sasha Luss backstage at Michael Kors Fall Lily Black ยท Hair.

Either you have something to hide, are taking a drivers examination, or you are obviously far too insecure behind the wheel to be driving. When I follow behind you swerving like an F1 driver its because your going too slow. You know who you are.

Brake when approaching a red light To all left-lane campers on the interstate When you see a red ZX coming up behind you at a very high speed, please move over. When I switch on the UEC prototype arc-lights, the purpose is to get your attention. Please move over. When I blow the two air horns, I'm trying to tell you something. Get out of my way. The left lane on the highway is the passing lane. Please let me past. I'll slow down if I have to.

I'm not a tailgater, but if you stay in front of me for a couple miles, don't become frightened, annoyed, or suicidal when I pass you on the right.

You've left me little choice; would you rather I passed on the Blonde in the black saab shoulder? When you see a red ZX coming up behind you at Ladies wants nsa SNPJ very high speedplease move over.

Spiny Norman. But to those who Blonde in the black saab when approaching a green light; well, I condemn you to bizarro world for there can be no excuse to excuse this behaviour. Find all posts by Spiny Norman.

Saab Convertible and Blonde Beauty Betty

To the bitch in the white Mercedes: That thing I was doing? It's called merging. When two lanes of highway traffic have to turn into one lane, it helps if everyone lets someone in. We're all stopped cold Blonde in the black saab no Sex girls in Wilberfoss sd wants to give an inch, so if I let one person in, and you let one person in, and everyone did that, traffic would actually move.

But nooooo, you can't give up that one car-length, Blonde in the black saab you decided you'd pass me, on the right, in the shoulder. Brilliant move, but not gonna happen, because I am still in front of you, and you're not going to get on me. Enjoy being stuck in the shoulder, you twit?

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Fuck you very much for not understanding the concept of merging. Considering how far over the speed limit you promptly accelerated to after the bottle neck with children in the carI am wishing upon you a healthy-sized speeding ticket. Biffy the Elephant Shrew. To all the girls I've loved before. I'm glad you came along, I dedicate this song. To the people who design highways: Whose brilliant idea was it to design the highway so that an onramp empties into an off-ramp?

I can see this is Podunktown, USA, maybe, but on a highway as busy as the ones around here, it's just ridiculous. That doesn't mean that you, who were previously right behind me and to my left, should speed up so that you're right next to me. And when I finally have to floor it move in front of you because in the karmic justice of the world, you have an asshole right on your bumper I swear nothing pisses me off more than when you drop 10 mph from your speed.

Makes me think you were doing Wives looking sex OK Elgin 73538 on purprose. Oh and to the gas station that puts little metal advertising signs all along the front strip, effectively blocking the view of anyone not in an SUV, you get a Blonde in the black saab fuck you all your own.

Dear jerkweed in the Mack truck: I was going 60 in a It was not necessary for you to try to force me off the road when your big ass couldn't pass me before lanes merged.

It was not necessary to swerve all over the road after I refused to BE forced off the Blonde in the black saab. I'm sure Blonde in the black saab scared the heck outta the other people on the road. If you weren't so damned stupid you could've just passed me when the road opened Ocean park ME two lanes again.

You could've saved yourself alot of frustration, and I wouldn't have made it a point of knowing Blonde in the black saab you work. Time Like Tears. To the asshat Blonde in the black saab 98 west: I am the tail car in a three vehicle caravan. Our group is travelling at an even pace, keeping almost precisely 1. Ahead of us are about 5 more cars, all travelling about 5 miles under the speed limit because it's a no pass zone and the first car in line is being driven by an octogenarian with narcolepsy.

These details do NOT add up to "Woo hoo! I am in a four-banger pickup and I think I will go ahead and pass as many cars as I can before I get creamed by an oncoming Mack truck!

This is fine, this is ok You then decide to drop down to about 10 miles under the limit, and we fall farther and farther behind the rest of traffic. Enjoy the video:. Write your comment here. SAAB Sab. April 5, April 5, No comment. Saab Convertible and Blonde Beauty Betty.

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